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I've used SafeHarbor HealthCare Services at 1477 Hylan Blvd., Staten Island, NY 10305 for several months for 4 hours a day M - F.I had a few problems with aides...1 spent an hour eating her breakfast and talking about how great she was and then decided the case was too hard for her and gave us 1 day notice...another aide spent the entire day on her google phone and lied about feeding my father..and then you had the "no shows." At times, the coordinator would pull aides from our home to do "favors" for other clients (as told to us by the aides.) We finally found an aide that was good and took care of my father and when I called to complain that the coordinator did not try and get us a one-day replacement, even though the coordinator had over a week's notice to do so, my father's case was dropped by Safe Harbor.

Prior to speaking with the coordinator, I spoke with the administrator, Edna, and was asked by Edna if I still wanted SafeHarbor services. I told Edna that I was happy with our aide Lisa and still wanted SafeHarbor. The only thing I wanted was a replacement aide if the agency has over a week's notice to get one. The coordinator called me the next day and I told her everything I had told Edna...her response was to drop my father from their services.

The coordinator then went on to lie to our Hospice Provider and the aide by saying that we (the client) no longer wanted service from Safe Harbor. On top of that, she contacted the aide to inquire if I was giving her a hard time. The aide even told the coordinator that there were no problems between the aide and the client, it was the coordinator that had the problem. The SafeHarbor coordinator, Lisa, has not only had an attitude problem with us from the beginning but she is now lying to all people associated with my father's case just to cover her own tracks caused by her own incompetence and lack of concern.

Obviously, complaining about something you have the right to complain about is a reason to be dumped by the agency. God help the elderly who are alone and require these types of services. Many elderly people who are alone are nervous and fearful of reprisal.

Considering how I have been treated for speaking up on behalf of my father who has advanced alzheimer disease, I can't imagine how the elderly people who are alone cope with such disregard and incompetence.In addition to writing bad reviews, I plan on writing every single agency and association that governs or has any connection with home care services.

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